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Lashia is the distributor of high-end quality Eyelash Extension Supplies from multi-award-winner Eyelash Extension Product manufacturers Beautier, Glamcor and of course our own quality Eyelash Extension brand Lashia. We stock only the best lights, tweezers, and disposables for safe, quality Eyelash Extensions. We work only together with the best Lash Artists, and offer exclusive personalised training for those wanting to follow our path as Eyelash Extension Experts and Industry Leaders.

Our Eyelash Extension products bring together the finest materials for Lash Extensions, and long-term collaborations with our manufacturers can guarantee consistent level of supply, high quality products, and fast service for Eyelash Extensions. We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy.

Our Eyelash Extension training journey started in 2006 in a small town of Stockholm, Sweden. Our passion for unique Eyelash design, high quality Eyelash Extension training and products brought our vision to life. Today our program is world renowned, we have trained thousands of experts worldwide, and our 5 day curriculum offers some of the most thorough foundation training for Eyelash Extensions on the market today.

Lashia is based in Varsity Lakes, on the Gold Coast, QLD, where we also offer high-quality Eyelash Extensions, naturally styled.

Welcome to Lashia. We are more than just an Eyelash Extension Supplier and Training school. We are Lash Nerds and Lash Experts who love sharing our story.

Thank you for supporting a small, local family business.

xx Mimmi Ebbersten
Lashia Australia


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A Lash Company Who was there when it all started

This photo is from Lash Wars 2015, when Mimmi Ebbersten, the CEO of Lashia Australia, went to Las Vegas to judge the first International Championship in Eyelash Extensions. This was also when she first met Kei Kim, the founder of Beautier, who Lashia has worked with since 2008. Kei Kim is a fantastic human being and entrepreneur, she has invented some of the products we use today in our eyelash extension industry.
Since then, Beautier is a multiple award winning eyelash extension manufacturer, and Lashia is a proud exclusive distributor of their quality products for Eyelash Extensions.

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Happy students and customers

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I was extremely lucky to train with some of the best in the biz, Mimmi and Her team -Not only was the training extremely educational.. It was fun! I feel confident to be able to lash anyone now not only safely but with correct technique to get the best outcome for the client. Especially knowing I have ongoing support..Not to mention I made lifetime industry friends. Highly recommend lashia!! - to anyone wanting to learn the art of lash extensions or to treat themselves to some fluffy lashes.

Taren Lennox - Miami Vice Beauty | Sunshine Coast

I was lucky enough to do my lash training through Lashia and let me say, I am one lucky lady!! The Master Beginners Classic and Volume course has been a life changer. Not only did I learn the art of safe lash application, how to setup and run my business, plus a whole lot of extra tips along the way, I also made friends for life. The family atmosphere at Lashia is second to none, the training is thorough and there are laughs a minute, they even provide you with models throughout your training. I couldn’t recommend them enough. If you’re thinking of doing a lash course or leveling up your lash game don’t look any further than Lashia, the extended course is definitely worth your time.

Jourdan Turpin - Rose and Honey Beauty | Gold Coast

Absolutely hands down the best lash extensions you will ever have. I have had extensions done by many lash technicians over the years with some pretty poor jobs done. Lashia provide the most amazing lashes that feel soft and weightless with absolutely no clumping. I highly recommend these ladies.

Kate Zablocki - Lashia client | Gold Coast

Lashia’s founder in Australia, Mimmi, trained me as her first of 2 students over 7 years ago. She said, you can have your own business, be your own boss. She was right. With the initial training in Classic Lashes then 2 years later, Volume training, quality & precision work is now my priority and what I’m known for. Mimmi has provided endless support and is driven to make our industry the best standard possible. She connects the lash tech community with each other by creating social online groups and large conferences and competitions to better our knowledge and continuously grows exposure of the Lash Artists’ world to the broader beauty industry. LashiaMegastore products have always been my go-to for reliable and consistent quality and Mimmi’s Volume tweezers are the ultimate tool for the precise work we do. Thanks Mimmi for your ceaseless efforts to make our industry one that is here to stay.

Jacqueline Ibbott - Eyes of Eden | Tweed Heads

The Mimmi tweezers are hands down the best tweezers I’ve ever used. For volume or classic lashing. Love mimmi and this company, just wish we lived a bit closer.

Malaena Kelson - Lash Wrap | USA

The team at lashia give second to none service and training. The team are professional and the care you get from Mimmi and her team is outstanding. I will always go back to update and further my skills. Highly recommend.

Allie Grigg - Allie Grigg Creative Studios | Townsville