Why Child Care professionals become great Lash Artists.

How Child Care Educators can work less, earn more and have the lifestyle they always dreamed of

Have you worked in the Child Care industry for a long time? Do you feel like things aren’t the way they used to be and it’s becoming harder and harder to do what you actually love? 
Are you sick of the bureaucracy, grumpy bosses and rude parents?
Are you finding it harder and harder to find a permanent job?

What if I would tell you that you can now take action in your own hands and do something you love? That there is things out there you can do for yourself that you can feel happy about each and everyday when you get out of bed.

            “I never thought I was going to end up in the Beauty Industry.”

When I first was introduced to Eyelash Extensions I thought it was a joke. I had no idea you could extend your eyelashes. And how would it be done safely?
I never thought I was going to end up in the Beauty Industry. I was the last person on earth to ever think I would work with Beauty Services. I was a bit of a Tom boy and never actually wore makeup myself. I thought mascara was messy and I just never really nailed my makeup.

When I had my lashes done for the first time it was a life changer.
I could actually look nice without having to do anything in the morning. I could go without mascara and still feel and look pretty. And they didn’t feel like anything, in fact they felt less than wearing mascara.

                      “I finally found my calling”

Then I learned to do lashes myself, I finally found my calling. 
After years with unappreciative bosses, hostile customers or parents in various hospitality and child care jobs, I had found my space. Finally no one could tell me what to do, what hours to work, no more messy diapers, snotty noses and demanding parents.

“It was like a stone was lifted off my chest.”

Every client was happy, I could make double the money I used to and work hours that fit my schedule and enable me the lifestyle I alway dreamed of.

Today we have built a worldwide brand in multiple countries, and we now have the pleasure to mentor others and help them start and run their own successful Lash Businesses.

        Do you want to join our network of experts?

Take control of your own destiny – learn the Art of Eyelash Extensions and you have a job you can forever be proud of.

Welcome to Lashia

xx Mimmi Ebbersten
Lashia Co-Founder and Educator

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