What is trending in the Lash Extension world in 2023?

We are leaving 2022 with a bang, the Coronavirus pandemic is seeing its light in the tunnel and luscious eyelashes are returning after many months in hibernation and lockdowns.

Many people resorted to specialty mascaras and added multiple layers to achieve the eye-popping looks they desire — but that’s not enough for many of us. We want our LASH EXTENSIONS back!

When traditional mascara doesn’t work, eyelash extensions is the only alternative. So much for Lash Lifts, they are great for people with already amazing long lashes. There are so many types and options available that we’re sure you can get the long lashes you are looking for.

And of course, we’ve all seen the models and celebrities gracing the covers of magazines and starring in our favorite movies. It’s easy to envy their long lashes —  but the truth is that most of those lashes you’re swooning over are artificial (and that’s ok). 

Many celebrity stylists resort to false eyelashes or extensions because they are easy to apply and give the glamorous look they’re going for. 

Let’s take a look at what eyelash looks are trending in 2023 and how you can recreate the celebrity look for yourself or your clients.

Are they your real lashes?

How to style the 2023 girl

Short Lashes is key

Length is no longer the craving here, we want shortness, less curls, and thinner lashes. We play with 0.10 and 0.12 thickness for classics, 0.03-0.06 for volume, diameters from 6 up to 11mm, and B-curl is back in trend.

Less curl

A max curl of a C-curl, but favorable blending with less curls for natural effects. The clumsy D curl at the end and beginning of the eye is gone, and the Wing effect that was so popular around 2010 is back.

Winged look

To create this style, we end the eye with a B-curl or a V-curl from Beautier, tilting outwards for a stronger eyeliner-look.

Layering and taping in sections

Density is favorable over length, so layering the eye with short lashes such as a 7 or 8mm throughout mixed through the middle layers for a denser eyeliner effect. Using a tape, such as Lashia's Allround tape, we are able to tape back our lashes as we are working in sections, to fill even the tiniest of lashes, and easier see our lash layers as we are working across the eye.

taping up your layers to create density

Five Lash Extension Trends for 2023

2023 Lash Trend #1: Naturally looking lash extensions

Out are the 2016 perfect line, the 2017 Kardashian style, the 2018 Mega Volume, or the 2019 heavy 12D Pre-mades. Forget lashes that go to your brows and bushes you could whip your partner with just by blinking your eyes. The girls in 2023 want natural beauty and are ready to pay for it. Advanced Lash Stylists and Technicians know how to work with the many layers and growth stages in your lash line, to create a "real" look. You want people to wonder - are they her real lashes?

 Lash Trend #2. Hybrid Lashes

A keeper from the past couple of years is our Hybrid set! Hybrid lashes are the best combination of classic and volume lashes. They provide a volume and shape that isn’t easily achieved with classic lashes alone, but are more time effective than the full volume set.

Lash Trend #3. Pro-Volume replacing Pre-Volume

Out are the clumpy 3D fans, the pre glued bulky lashes that looks like something taken out of a horror movie. Pre-mades came and they conquered hand mades. (according to me nothing still beats handmades though) The manufacturers have heard our prayers, and the Pro-Mades by 2023 are almost identical to hand made fans. Only the most stubborn Lash Artists like myself refuse to fully do the switch. But they are great for beginner Lash Artists or busy salons that simply don't have the time and money to put into the hundreds of hours of practice in mastering hand made Russian Volume.

pre made vs pro made volume

Lash Trend #4. Dense Volume Cat-eyes

Clients wanted longer and longer, and heavier and heavier. Russian Volume was the most misunderstood technique in the 20th century. The Russians shouted loud and clear: short, dense, curly, handmade. Aussies shouted louder: longer, thicker, curlier, messier, faster, cheaper. The lack of training in Australia and a misconception that volume meant long and heavy, resulted in many damaged natural lashes. We want to get back to what Russian Volume is meant to be: Handmade, SHORT (often shorter than the natural lashes), curly and dense. Layer your sets to create a perfect line. The trend in 2023 is an M, L or V-curl for a beautiful winged look.

cat eye is back in fashion

Photo credit @karmanova_brows_lashes

Lash Trend #5. Textured Eyelashes

Some clients prefer to have a flair and unique expression that can only be created by mixing eyelashes and using a variety of various diameters, curls, and lengths. This allows you to create a feathery look that looks natural and amazing. Natural and textured lashes are definitely trending in 2023.

Learn to Create Unforgettable Lash Designs

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