Advanced Eyelash Extension Training Gold Coast

Russian Volume, Customized Styling & Upskill to an expert level

Can I take an advanced class with Lashia?

Pre-requesite to any Lashia Advanced courses

✓ Classic Trained

I have completed a minimum of 2 days training in classic application, and 20 sets of Lash Extensions on humans. I know basic styling of an eye.

✓ Safe application

I know how to apply an eyelash safely, and basic isolation of the natural lashes. My clients are generally happy with their lashes when they leave.

✓ Paying Clients

I have started taking paying clients, and they are booking back in for infills.

✓ Have an idea of Volume

I have a basic understanding of the difference of pre-made and hand made volume lashes.

- I struggle with retention

I try everything but my lashes won't stick, my clients are coming back every 1-2 weeks with nothing left.

- I don't know how to design

I would like to know how to customise my eye styling to suit any eye shape. How do you create natural vs full sets?

- My lash sets aren't full

I spend 2-3 hours but my lash sets are sparse and wonky, I don't know how to create full and lush lashes like the pro's.

- I only use pre-made fans

I want to be a Russian Volume Master and create my own fans. I can charge more and customize my sets better.

Advanced Eyelash Extension Training


Are you experienced with Classic or pre-made Volume application, but want to upskill into the art of hand made volume lashes? Do you want to be part of a network of Eyelash Designers, and receive ongoing support following your training? Or have you completed a Lash course but wanting to learn more? Then we have a variety of course options for you.





Enroll into a group class, or book individual coaching sessions:

    Advanced Classics & Russian Volume Training

    Small groups of max 3 students:

    Delivery: 3 days
    Following training you will be completing 20 sets of lashes at home.
    During your practice you have unlimited access to your mentor for guidance and support. You are welcome to come back for extra in-person support sessions when needed.

    Kit: Basic or Master
    Support: 12 months unlimited
    Certification: 3-5 Months
    Certificate is received when passing the Practical Exam.

    Individual Coaching Sessions

    Flexible option for busy ladies and gents

    Delivery: Book individual 3 hour sessions with your mentor.
    Book an individual or a package of sessions with your mentor.
    On your first 30 min zoom date with your Lash Coach, we will design the program based on your current knowledge and customise your training depending on your goals.

    Kit: Kit can be purchased separately, or receive 15% off all products.


    ✓ Technique troubleshooting
    ✓ Advanced Styling
    ✓ Application tips
    ✓ Product knowledge
    ✓ Retention issues
    ✓ Allergic reactions
    ✓ Eye conditions
    ✓ Volume fanning techniques

    We can also cover

    – Retention and why lashes don’t stick.
    – How to successfully create hand made Volume Lashes.
    – How to create dense, full lash sets.
    – How to customise my eye styling to suit any eye shape.
    – How to charge more and get fully booked.
    – Marketing & Pricing
    – Business Coaching
    – Customer service

Advanced Eyelash Extension Training Gold Coast
Advanced Eyelash Extension Training Gold Coast
Advanced Eyelash Extension Training Gold Coast
Advanced Eyelash Extension Training Gold Coast
Advanced Eyelash Extension Training Gold Coast
Advanced Eyelash Extension Training Gold Coast
Advanced Eyelash Extension Training Gold Coast
Lashia offers one of the most comprehensive courses for Eyelash Extensions in Australia. We don't just teach Lash Extensions, our course aims to make you into an Eyelash Extension Expert!

Advanced Eyelash Extension Training Gold Coast
1. Register a spot in our booking system here and pay the $499 non-refundable booking fee. 

2. The remaining balance is due 10 business days prior to course start. For 1:1 coaching, the full fee is due at the time of booking.

Please call/text 0424 036 630 if you wish to speak to us prior to booking

  • 3 days Advanced Training
  • 1:1 Lash Coaching 3 hours
  • 1:1 Lash Coaching 3x3 hours
  • 1:1 Lash Coaching 5x3 hours

Have you already booked and paid your deposit? Enter discount code DEPOSIT at checkout to deduct the $499 off your course fee.

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