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Why should I get my lashes done at Lashia?

Lash Extensions for Professionals

Many of our clients are in professional jobs such as law, education, admin, business. You need to look presentable, and our lashes will enhance your eyes but still pass as your "real lashes", just enhanced.

Exclusive VIP experience

Mimmi and Lisa have been in the industry for 15 years. We only take on few new clients monthly to make sure we reserve our time for our regular clients. The connection we have with our lash clients is unique.

Quality Standards

We have the benefit of working with our distributors a very long time. We can ensure that we work only with the best products. Our hygiene standards are very high, we always wear facemask, sterilize our tools between each client, and always use fresh towels and disposables.

You will look and feel amazing

With the love we give our clients and the expertise we possess, we keep an interesting conversation while offering the best service. It's not called Lash Therapy for no reason. You will come out feeling rejuvenated, rested and beautiful.

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Eyelash Extensions Varsity Lakes

15 years experience



Customized, naturally looking lashes
We customize the eyelash extension set using the finest silk fiber, mixing lengths and curls to mimic a person's real lashes. The lash set is light and naturally looking, we guarantee that you will not look like a dragqueen walking out our doors. (though we do love dragqueens)
Lashes that feel less than mascara
Lash Extensions should not hurt, they should not itch or feel heavy. A properly applied eyelash extension set should feel less than when wearing mascara. Our clients often wake up after their lash nap saying "ohhh I can't even feel them!"
Connecting with your Lash Stylist
Lash Therapy is just as addictive as the lashes, and we create a unique bond with each of our clients. In our space you are safe to share anything, and you can trust what we say stay between us. Our conversations can go anywhere. Or if you just like a lash nap that is totally ok too.


FAQ before getting your lashes done


Do Eyelash Extensions hurt?
Correctly applied eyelash extensions do not hurt, itch or irritate. If you had lashes done somewhere and you had an unpleasant experience, that is not how it should be like. We apply lashes with care, and ensure we separate every individual lash with minimal amount of glue.
How are the eyelashes applied?
Using a fine tip tweezer, we isolate the individual hair while in our other hand we pick up an eyelash and apply that to your individual hair with a medical grade fast-drying adhesive. We use multiple lengths, curls and thickness to create a shape that suits your eyes.
I am worried the lashes will be too long/dramatic
Most of our clients are between 35-65 years of age and in professional jobs. The last thing we would do is to make you look like you're going to a new years party (unless that is what you want). Our standard applications are naturally looking, our lashes enhance your eyes so that you don't have to wear mascara, and we can add a curl so that you feel fresh and ready to take on your busy week.
How many lashes do you apply?
An eye has between 70-150 lash hairs. We apply as many lashes we can in the time you have booked, and usually we fill 100-120 per eye in a 2 hour appointment. Things like curly lashes, white lashes, fluttery or watery eyes, toilet breaks, oily lashes, mascara residue etc can affect how many lashes we get on in the time you booked. If you know you have many lashes and want a full look, please book more time.
How long do the lashes last?
Your eyelash has a growth cycle of about 42-60 days. The lash hair is about 2-4 weeks into its growth cycle when we apply a lash to it. You will lose 3-7 natural lashes/day. When you come back for a 3 week infill you have approx 30-50% of the extensions still on. If you have oily skin, rub your eyes or if you sweat or cry a lot, you might lose your lashes quicker. Then consider to come back for a shorter 2 week fill rather than waiting to the lashes have fallen out.
Do lash extensions need a break?
If eyelash extensions have been applied properly you can wear them forever. Over extended lash sets, too much glue, and if the lashes haven't been isolated/separated enough will damage your natural lashes. Rather than having breaks, consider going down in size, and if your stylist isn't applying your lashes correctly, consider changing lash stylists.

New Set Eyelash Extensions - gallery & pricing

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Welcome to the Lashia Studio in Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast
My name is Mimmi Ebbersten, and this is my border collie Kirra, who you might get to meet at your appointment with me or Lisa.

I started Lashia in Sweden with my mum in 2006, and moved to the Gold Coast to start Lashia Australia in 2016. 

I have always been super passionate about lashes, I've traveled the world to be a lash judge, spoken at Lash conferences and been on a mission to spread the world about great Lash Training and Quality Eyelash Extensions.

Since the pandemic I had to close our beautiful 170sqm academy in Varsity Lakes, lost my beautiful team, got divorced, and spent 2 years on my healing journey.

I now take clients and small groups of students out of my cute little home studio I built out of the garage. You are very welcome to come and get your lashes done by me or Lisa, my best friend who has been my sidekick and business colleague for 17 years.

Please be mindful we are very fully booked, so if you want an appointment with us, please check the booking calendar, or text me on 0424 036 630 and I'm happy to put you on a waitlist.

xxx Mimmi