Prime Impact Silk Lashes (Clover lash) by Beautier (0.15mm)


Prime Impact Lash, got its nickname "Clover lash" due to the structure of the base looking like a clover (microscopically). This structure has a few advantages:

The extension can easily be attached from any side (top, side, bottom) and wraps easily onto the natural lash, giving a stronger bond and longer lasting result. The Beautier Clover Lash is the next generation classic lash, with its matte finish, gives a fuller looking set with less weight. 


    Fibre: High Quality Korean PBT, hand made, sterilized.

    Available curls: B, C, D, L+

    Mixed tray: 8-13mm (2x8, 3x9, 3x10, 3x11, 3x12, 2x13)

    Single length trays: 16 lines, 6-15mm

    Quality & Consistency: Beautier's manufacturing process goes through strict protocols: 7 steps of quality control, ensuring sterile fibers and consistent curls/lengths at all times.

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