What job can I do if I love working with people?

Do you love working with people? Are you a crafty type of person with good attention to detail? Are you fed up with bosses controlling the way you live your life? Maybe becoming a Lash Artist is in the cards for you this year!

What is a people pleaser?

People-pleaser types are usually quite independent, empathic, great problem solvers and fast workers. They see what's needing done before anyone else does, and thrive in jobs where they are needed and have a good purpose. Often, people pleasers aren't appreciated the way they would like to, but they stay in jobs, not for the boss' sake, but for their loyal clients or customers, and because the people-pleasing in itself is rewarding enough. Though, often they never feel fully contempt and dreaming about a job where they can do their people-pleasing to people that fully appreciate and value their personality and skills.

Jobs that are great for people pleasers

People pleasers are drawn to jobs that obviously involves pleasing other people.
This list of 5 jobs show professions where we often find people pleasers:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Nursing
  • Sales
  • Beauty

Why Eyelash Extensions would suit a people pleaser for a career change

If you work in any of the fields above and you feel ready for a career change, then perhaps have a think of if becoming a Lash Artist might be for you?

1. Quick, cheap and easy to get started

We can spend years and thousands of dollars on a degree that might not necessarily even get us that high paying job we are dreaming of. To enroll into one of Lashia's Eyelash Extension courses is as easy as a click of a button, cost less than one core subject at university, and you are ready to start up your Lash Business within a week from course start. You can literally start making money within the next few weeks!

2. Pick your own hours

Are you fed up in a job with long hours, late nights and no work-life-balance? You feel like you are just living to work, and weekends and evenings when your family and friends enjoy themselves, you are stuck back at work for late shifts and public holiday craze. As a Lash Artist you choose when to open your schedule and when to go on holidays.

3. Easy to get returning clients

As a Lash Artist, our clients return every 3-4 weeks. Eyelash Extensions are quite addictive, so once you have a client and they are happy, they will usually stay with the same Lash Artist for many years to come. Your clients will tell all their friends how amazing you are, so once you have a few happy clients, the ball is rolling and you will quickly build your returning client base.

4. Feel like you are hanging out with friends all day

We see our clients more frequently than some friends or family, so we really create a strong bond. Once you master the skills of Eyelash Extensions, the actual application is second nature, so we focus on the connection and relationships with our clients. To do lashes all day is literally like catching up with friends. The only thing that is difficult is to actually have a coffee while lashing.

5. Work smarter - not harder - earn more in less time

If you work in hospitality or retail, I bet you earn around $25-30/hour? With increasing living cost, this means you will have to work most waken hours to earn enough to just live week to week. For anyone who has some sort of life passion, being stuck in a job that we don't necessarily like and to slave away for that employer until we retire isn't really enjoying life, is it?
As a reputable Lash Artist with a clever business sense, you should charge around $100 per hour, which after overheads, fees and taxes should give you at least double what you are earning now. This gives you more money in less time, and allows for a better work-life balance.

Study Eyelash Extensions with the best Lash Training Schools in Australia

Lashia has been around for 15 years as one of the best Lash Training Schools in Australia. We early recognized the demand for good quality Eyelash Extensions and the lack of proper training. From early years we have focused on high level training, staying up-to-date with the market, offering free support to our students, and only certifying through a practical exam. The Lashia courses are now well known in our industry as top of the field, and once you study an Eyelash Extension course with us you know that you receive the best of the best in Lash courses.

We have helped thousands of women become the girl-lash-boss of their dreams.
Our courses also include a business module where we give you our strongest tips in how to start up your Lash Business and make money today in a job that you love.

Learn more about our Eyelash Extension Courses and become your own boss today.


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