What is the difference between classic, volume and hybrid lashes?

Classics? Volume? Hybrids?

Have you ever wondered – what IS the difference and what do they mean?

They speak a different language, what are they talking about?

As a client, it can’t be that easy to understand. All you want is long lashes, right?
So you decide you are going to give lashes a go, you pick up the phone and the person on the other end asks you “what type of lashes are you after?”

The first thing that comes to your mind is.. “I just don’t want to have to wear mascara.”

The 3 different types

Classic lashes – 1 extension per individual natural lash.

In Classic Eyelash Extensions, we apply 1 single lash onto your natural lash with minimum amount of adhesive, carefully isolated and separated so that your natural lash can grow safely.

Volume lashes – multiple extensions per individual natural lash.

With precision tweezers we create a fan, holding between 3-6 lashes, each hair in the fan is a third as thin as the classic lash. so a 3-4d fan weighs the same as a classic set but looks fuller.
The fan must hold together at the base and at the same time be symmetric between each hair in the fan. The fan is then swiped in adhesive and wrapped around your natural lash holding the perfect angle so that the lash set looks symmetric and amazing on your eyes.

Hybrid lashes – a mix of Classic and Volume lashes in a set.

Before Pre-made Volume fans were a thing, Hand-made Russian Volume took a long time to master. So to create fullness, the Hybrid set was invented, where we mix Classic Eyelash Extensions with Volume fans. This create a soft and natural look, in between Classic and Volume lashes.

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