Will eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

Have you had your lashes done but not sure they’re right?
Did you feel regret instantly that you just wanted to get them off?

Here are 5 reasons to knowing if your eyelash extensions have been incorrectly applied:

Are they itchy or feeling heavy?

Properly applied Eyelash Extensions should feel less than wearing mascara.
If you can feel that they are on your eyes, the eyelash technician has applied too much glue, stuck them too close to the skin or stuck them together.

Do you feel you look "too fake"?

We want to feel luxurious with our Eyelash Extensions, but we don't want to look like a drag queen or that we are going to a new years party everyday of the week. 
It's actually not too difficult to apply a set of lashes to look fake. The less different lengths used, the more artificial they will appear. The beauty with Lash Artistry is that a great Eyelash Designer can apply multiple types of lengths and curls to create the illusion of your lash extensions being "real".

Were they quick?

You may think the quicker the better. To properly isolate and separate each lash, this just can’t be done any quicker. Some salons, especially in shopping malls etc, have big overheads and wages to cover. This means they will need a big turnover of clients to cover their costs. The pressure is on, so many lash sets applied in these circumstances are quick fix jobs. If they advertise a full lash extension in 30-45 minutes, they will either not even cover 25% of your lashes or they will glue your lashes together just sticking them on.

Were they cheap?

Lash Extensions is a luxury service. If you paid under $100 for a fresh set of lashes, you can be sure she is either loving working for less than minimum wage, or she is cutting corners somewhere.

Do they last forever?

Lashes have a short life cycle, if you still have more than 50% of the extensions left after 6-8 weeks they are most likely stuck together and your own lashes aren’t able to grow and fall off naturally.

Don’t worry, we can help you!

With over a decade of experience in eyelash extensions, we have seen everything.
Poor or non-existent training, a competitive market and a big demand
result in clients getting their eyelashes completely destroyed.
The market in Australia is completely unregulated and there’s no law
stopping anyone from purchasing the material and start performing “lash
extensions”, or even worse, train people in eyelash extensions.

As a client it may be extremely difficult to know where to go. You may
be looking for a quick and cheap option. But please be careful, this can
become a dangerous and expensive story.

Things to look for:

Has the eyelash technician a registered business and liability insurance?

Do your research: how long was her training, did she receive her certificate through an examination?

Recommendations – what do others say about the technician? Is she active on social media?


– is she too cheap? Rent, quality material, taxes, insurance and also
her wage need to be covered. A safely applied, full set of Classic
Eyelash Extensions should sit at $100-150 and for hand made Volume

The time for the extensions

A good set of Eyelash Extensions takes time to apply. For a professional, qualified Lash Artist, a full Classic set (where we apply one extension per individual lash), should take at 1,5-2 hours, anything less means she is rushing through the set, potentially not separating each individual hair during and after application.
A Russian Volume (hand made) should take between 2-3 hours to apply.
Remember, a person has between 80-200 lashes per eye, so it does take time to apply each individual extension to your natural lashes

Professionalism and expertise

You will know when you come across a true Lash Artist. She is proud of her work, she displays her certificates, and knows everything there is to know about Eyelash Extensions. You feel well treated, you are comfortable throughout the experience, and feel like walking on clouds afterwards.

Other things to check for during your application

Does your Lash stylist go through your lashes and check for stickies?
Checking for stickies and separate each lash away from one another is crucial to allow your lashes to grow healthily and avoid damage.
If your lashes aren’t separated thoroughly they will cause irritation, itchiness and a heavy feeling. Your lashes are all in various growth stages and each growth stage grow at different speeds. If two lashes are stuck together, the faster growing lash will pull the other one out and cause damage and inflammation to that follicle.
If you aren’t sure your lash stylist has applied your lashes correctly, come in for a free consultation and we will assess your extensions and let you know if they are applied safely for your natural lashes.

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