Why working in hospitality is similar to working as a Lash Artist

People outside of the Hospitality industry don’t quite understand that it’s not all just about carrying plates and smile.

A great waitress will make the experience extraordinary, she will make you feel welcome and attend to everything you need, she will know the balance of giving you great service and not to be “in your face”. She will greet you when you arrive, recommend the best selections of food and drinks, remember what you ordered and bring it to you without having to wait, she will say thank you when you leave and just simply be there for you throughout your whole visit. And when you come back she will remember you and make you feel special.

What you don’t see as a guest is, while taking your order and smiling at you, she is thinking about how table 3 just sat down ready to order, table 5 is waiting for the coffees that they ordered 3 minutes ago, the food to table 2 is ready to go out, table 7 needs to be cleared and brought dessert menus, there are 4 people waiting at the door to be seated, table 8 is waiving at her because they only ordered 1 drink and now the wife changed her mind and wants a drink anyway, table 10 would like toothpicks, table 4 are waiting for the bill……
None of this can she show to you, who are sitting with your menu not deciding if you want the steak or the salmon today.

You get the point. Are you in hospitality you probably recognize this mayhem of stress that sometimes washes over you when in the middle of service.

Being a Lash Artist is quite similar in a way, but with slower tempo and happier customers. (They are all so happy and excited to have lashes done by you, it’s super rewarding.)

I have noticed that students of mine coming from hospitality, make great Lash Artists!

No wonder, a passionate waitress has great people skills, has learned to adapt the way she speaks, acts and moves to make the person she is serving as comfortable as possible,
she is a great listener, picking up on any little request that you may have but without always being able to explain how you like things.
She is also great at upselling without selling, making you THINK that you really need it.

An experienced waitress knows how to sell without selling. She has set the foundation to being a great marketer too.

People outside the Eyelash industry don’t quite understand it’s not all just about throwing lashes on two eyes and take your money.

A great Lash Artist makes the experience extraordinary, she will make you feel welcome, listen to how you’d like your lashes done. When you’re on her bed she will understand the balance of great service, when to ask questions and when to just let you sleep.
She will greet you when you arrive, listen to what type of person you are, analyze how you would love your lashes without you even knowing how you’d like them. When you leave you will feel warm and beautiful from the inside out, you will walk out sparkling and excited, not just by your lashes but also about the new relationship you just made with your new “Lash Lady”. In fact, as a customer to a great Lash Artist, you will be overjoyed and wanting to tell everyone about this awesome artist that you go to.
Yes she makes you beautiful, but she also makes you feel good about yourself just by being who she is and making you feel welcome.

What you don’t see as a client, the technicality that goes into applying the lashes onto your eyes.
While she is being nice and talking to you and making you feel comfortable, she is carefully mapping out where each individual size, length and curl goes.
She may use up to 10 various types of hairs on your eye to create a map that suits your particular eyeshape!
Even though your eyes flicker and move, your hairs might grow sideways or the tape under your eyes may be in the way to get to the inner or outer corners,
even so, she manages to isolate one individual hair of your lashes, applying one lash to that with the perfect amount of glue, holding the lash to adhere in the right direction, without crossing over the other lashes.
If she is too slow, the glue dries before she gets to your lash, if she uses to much glue, the lashes will stick together, if she uses too little glue the lash will attach but fall off only a day or so later.
Then she also has to make sure she separates the lashes throughout so that your natural lashes won’t be damaged when they grow out.

All of this will need to be done within the time you have booked with her.

If you’re great at multitasking, have attention to details and have great people skills, Lash Artistry is definitely for you!

I would like to say that hospitality people, nurses and childcare workers make great Lash Artists!

Want to know more? Do a free intro session with Lashia to find out more about the Lash Industry and our training.

Changing my career from being a stressed and tired waitress, to a passionate and reputable Lash Artist,
was the best life changing decision I’ve ever made.

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