Business Management Tips for Lashpreneurs

When you have a lash business, you want to help your customers look their best. That requires excellent attention to detail. And, keeping your business thriving takes smart steps to manage.
Let’s take a look at several business tips eyelash entrepreneurs (or “lashpreneurs”) should consider and practice.


Take Care of Your Clientele

You not only want to obtain new clients, but you want to keep them as well. Eyelash extensions need to be maintained, and gaining customer loyalty to your business is extremely valuable. To obtain this loyalty is simple: provide quality service.

Satisfied clients will also be your best source of advertisement. Keeping customers long-term comes down to simple customer service and client appreciation.

Here are several tips to help ensure this happens.

Environment is Important

Make sure your environment is clean and welcoming. You want to make sure you always give an excellent first impression. Once a client walks into your business, you want to make sure they like what they see, hear, smell, etc. Play calming music, put out some essential oil diffusers that appeal to the senses but aren’t overpowering. Be friendly and welcoming. Provide refreshments and magazines. This strategy will help keep your customers comfortable and occupied while they wait.

Keep your space clean. It would help if you organized everything from the front of the store to the bathroom. Anywhere that a client roams should be spotless.

Answer Questions

Make sure you take time to answer any of your clients’ questions thoroughly. Doing so will help ensure they are comfortable and will help build trust. We also recommend making yourself available to answer questions they may have after they have left.

Adapt to Clients’ Energy

Make sure you are always respectful and kind to your client. If they are mellow, you don’t want to be too energetic around them. You want to come down to their level. Others may be super chatty and tell you their life story. Just go with it. It’s essential to pick on the experience they are looking for so you can provide it.

Maintain Client Expectations

If it’s your client’s first-time getting lashes, then you should have a thorough consultation about the entire process, including maintaining the lashes. Please provide them with literature so they can review it when they go home.

Some clients come to you desiring a look that isn’t possible with their natural lashes, or they don’t want to upgrade to volume lashes. Be honest with them, and give them your professional opinion on what you think are the best choices for them. It’s best to manage their expectations now, instead of disappointing them later.

Get to Know Your Client

Respect your client’s time by not running behind if you can help it. Find out why they are getting their lashes done. Is it for a special event or to cut down on their makeup routine? This will help you know what to recommend to them in terms of maintenance.

Don’t just talk to your clients; remember what you’ve discussed. Make notes in their file if you need to. You will be able to follow up with them later.

Let your clients get to know you also. Don’t overshare, but be open to sharing things about yourself to build connections with them.

Go Above and Beyond

Please don’t allow any clients to take advantage of you, but do take time to show them that you care. Maybe they have had a difficult time recently. You could offer a complimentary lash shampoo to take home to help them feel a little better.

Maintaining some flexibility with your clients is also an excellent way to go above and beyond. Coming in a little earlier sometimes and staying a little later can mean a lot to them.

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