6 Growth Hacks for Advertising and Marketing Your Eyelash Business

When you have a lash business, you rely on clients. This fact is true for most companies. To get clients, you have to have ways for people to learn about your business. This is where marketing comes in.

Communicating your skill, your style, and your ethos are all crucially important to growing your business. Thanks to the internet, there are more straightforward ways to get that information out there than ever before.

1. Start with Social Media

Social media is a revolutionary platform for business owners, as well as many others. Social media is full of new customers. There are people on all platforms interested in beauty products and services.

When you target these potential customers directly, you can create loyal customers. You need to showcase your work and your personality. Other sources of advertising, such as TV and radio, can be expensive – so social media is a great avenue if you’re on a budget.

You don’t have to spend a dime on social media if you use the right strategy. Accounts are free to have and manage. You promote your lash work by gaining followers and networking with others.

2. Use Before and After Photos

Lashes are all about improving the way you look. There is no better evidence than before and after photos. Your potential customers will see the results of getting the procedure done and fall in love with their new lash potential. They see the images of your existing customers and immediately imagine themselves in their place.

To do this, you need to work with your current clients. Before they get their lashes done, have them take photos before the procedure. Once you post it on your social media accounts, you’ll usually start to see responses.

If you can tag your client in the photo, you can take your advertising one step further. You begin to tap into your friend circles, as well as your clients. Their social circle suddenly gets exposed to your work quickly, which could create tons of new clientele. It’s free advertising.

3. Create Live Videos

With social media advertising, the content is what it’s all about. Creating live videos, for instance, where you’re offering your services, creates excitement. You can also use these videos to teach clients about your business. You can teach them anything about the process of getting your lashes done and create a call to action for your business at the end.

You can offer current clients an incentive, such as a free service or discount, in exchange for them helping you out. Make sure you pick someone with a large social media circle and one who is active. This strategy ensures you are getting good exposure.

4. Make Your Content More Interesting

Prepare yourself for competition when you are making a marketing strategy. This preparation makes your content more important than ever. Keep it spiced up to draw in new clients, and give them something interesting to learn about along the way.

Using high-quality graphics and good lighting are some things you should make sure you have. Stay away from filters when it comes to showcasing your work. Filters are common these days, so everyone knows how they look and they can provide an unrepresentative sample of your work that doesn’t inspire confidence from your potential clients.

Instead, ask your models to take photos at different angles. Take good, genuine quality photos and use lighting to your advantage, always.

5. Encourage Interaction

Social media is all about interaction. Use this to your advantage and build solid relationships with your clients. You can create personalised messages and respond positively to their feedback.

Mix up your content between posting your work and asking your clients questions. You can also include funny photos of lash services gone wrong or just funny images related to your business. The point is to stir up conversation and interaction.

6. Utilise Hashtags and Influencers

Hashtags will help people find your business and learn how to use your services. Using your location hashtag, for instance, can trace people back to your services. Make sure your social media page is public so clients can find you.

If hashtags don’t get you enough clients, influencers can help. You will have to pay for their services, though. But, if you have the budget for it, influencers can help you in many ways.

To make sure you gain the biggest bang for your buck, make sure you negotiate a cost-per-action plan, or CPA, instead of a flat rate. So, instead of paying a flat fee, you will pay them based on how they promote your business and how often.

You will probably have to use a digital service to keep track of these numbers. If the influencer has a large local following, it can help them get more revenue as well.

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Like any creator, lash artists get what they put into honing their craft. While certain expenses and earnings are fixed, the steadiness and rise of your income will be entirely dependent on the quality and innovativeness of your work and how well you’ve trained. This is why so many lash artists first invest in a good education and training experience.

Since 2006, Lashia Eyelash Design has focused exclusively on performing lash work and, since 2010, training lash artists of every level with one-on-one mentorship, customised eyelash extension courses, and hands-on experience with the latest and greatest techniques, so you’re equipped you with everything we know and practice on a daily basis. We boast a global presence, beginning first in Stockholm, Sweden, and now serving the Gold Coast of Australia.

If you’re ready to receive your training certification and become a skilled, responsible, and profitable business owner in a limitless field, contact Lashia Eyelash Design. Let’s see how far your career can take you!

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