Are you disappointed with your Lash Course provider?

  • Did you do a Lash Course in hopes for it to make you a great Lash Artist?
  • Did you feel that the course was too short with too many students and no support afterwards?
  • Did you leave the course with a kit and a certificate but now feel scared and clueless as of where to get started?
  • Do you lack the confidence to safely apply a set of lashes onto someone’s eyes and charge for it?

Quick Cash

Many Lash Course providers are in it for a quick buck. The courses are short (1-2 days), cheap and the classes are big. The information taught is often not up to date and students are left to do most of the research on their own. They are thrown out in the deep end, feeling robbed and insecure.
They were so excited when enrolling in the course, finally they would find something that could take their career to the next level, but the disappointment when leaving the course would make them doubt every choice made the last couple of months.

How much can you learn in 1 day?

Have you ever learned a new skill and how long did it take you? Drive a car, play the piano, draw, sew, or anything else? I’m sure it took more than one or two days to get really good at it?
Did you know that it takes approximately 10.000 hours of practice to be an expert at something? Tennis pro, Surf pro, Golfer, they practice hours upon hours a day with a great coach by their side.
So why would applying Eyelash Extensions and starting your own home based salon be any different?
After doing that one or two day course, you probably now know how technical applying Eyelash Extensions actually is. Why did nobody tell you this before starting your course?
Applying one hair per individual hair, perfectly isolated with not too much or too little glue, (dries within 2 seconds) designed perfectly with various sizes, lengths and thickness to individual eyeshapes. That stuff is hard! No chance you can learn that in 1 or 2 days!

Ok so what now? Is there anything you could do?

 Yes there is!
At Lashia we have recognized how many poorly trained Lash techs there are out there.
We have been quite frustrated for quite a while. The ones that actually have the confidence to continue on applying eyelash extensions after a short course like that, are doing so without the expertise behind them. They charge too little, they apply unsafe sets that can potentially permanently damage the clients lashes and cause infections, and they have no idea how to style an eye beautifully and esthetically.
How do we reach them? How do we help them?
We have upskill/advanced courses on 3 and 5 days. However, to attend these courses you still need to have the basics down perfectly.
We have recognized a huge gap. The expactations we have on students attending our 3 or 5 day advanced courses are way too advanced for Lash techs that have attended just a 1 or 2 day class.
How do we bring them up to speed? How do we make them as knowledgeable and amazing as our own Lashia Trainees?
We have designed a 6 or 12 month Mentorship Program for those who have completed a different course than Lashia’s and are dying to get help and support on how to grow as a Lash Artist, without having to do all the research online.
By the end of it they can sit the Lashia Practical Exam and actually receive a Lashia Certificate!
How good is that?

The Mentorship program includes:

  • Attend a 3h monthly workshop with your Lashia Mentor and fellow Lashia Trainees.

    Each workshop has a new topic, where we upskill you in various elements, such as application techinques, styling and mapping, adhesive chemistry, taping issues and troubleshooting, how to apply lashes to damaged or sparse lashes, other problem areas, customer service, tweezer handling, how to get faster, retention and which glues to use in various humidities, business elements such as marketing, pricing and much much more.

  • Unlimited individual practical support with your Mentor, book in to do a set of lashes at the Academy and we will watch, troubleshoot and help you better your techniques and become an amazing Lash Artist.

  • Access to the Closed Lashia Facebook group where you get help and support from your fellow Lashia Trainees.

  • Get discount on Lashia’s products and services.

  • Attend events and happenings hosted by Lashia.
Please comment below if you would like more information on how to register into the Lashia Mentorship program.

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