The Top 12 Skills You Need to Become a Lash Artist

Do you love lashes? Lash artists have a booming trade to call their own these days. But the career isn’t for just anyone and it requires education, determination, and a keen eye. Think you have what it takes?

Here are some of the top skills you need to become a part of the industry.

12 Skills Every Lash Artist Needs

1. Patience

Lashes can be fun to work with, but applications can take a long time. An extension application can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours to complete. Be patient, and keep the environment calm and relaxing for you and your client. If the client senses that you’re in a rush, it can negatively affect their mood. This feeling is terrible for business. But if you can relax, chat with the client, and let the process take its course–everyone will be better in the long run.

2. Steady Hands

Applying eyelash extensions involves applying one single eyelash at a time. Each one needs careful placement and to receive equal care. You could apply up to 60 eyelashes per eye, so you need those hands to be strong and steady. 

3. Attention to Detail

You want every detail attended to carefully offer the best service possible. Doing so will create satisfied customers–and inspire them to tell their friends about you. 

4. Accuracy

Your reputation depends on applying perfect lashes–which means there is no room for mistakes. Your customers won’t be satisfied with anything less than ideal, so ensuring you know how to do the job and get it right every time is dire to your business. Practice is the best way to get this skill down. Make sure you acquire the proper training as well. 

5. Good Eyesight

If your vision isn’t good on its own, make sure you have your glasses or contacts when doing your job. Keep your prescriptions up-to-date to make sure your eyesight is the best it can be. You need to make sure you can see the tiny, individual lashes to do your job correctly. 

6. Creativity

Lashes are art like any other creative venture. Viewing each lash as a work of art will help you get the job done right. Appreciate the beauty of the lashes and achieving perfection. That said, the training you’ll receive in a professional eyelash design program is just as important to ensuring you know the ins and outs of your craft and can make the most of it as a career.

7. Great Customer Service Skills 

Your relationships and interactions with your clients will establish your reputation. Your customer service skills should be polished and always improving. This task means making your customers feel welcome and feel good while they’re with you. You want to keep them coming back.

8. Great Concentration

If your attention span is a bit short, you need to work on making it longer. Distractions and daydreaming can result in mistakes. This issue can result in damaged or poorly applied lash extensions. Your customers will be disappointed and may not want to come back if this happens. 

9. Awesome Stamina

A day full of clients can be exhausting. Exhaustion happens to us all, but you don’t want it to affect your work. Don’t greet customers shaky. To gain more stamina, try getting some experience in a local salon to get a feel for what a workday entails and work with your salon coordinator or receptionist to help them understand your books and how you like to book your clients.

10. Dexterity

Dextrous fingers help wiggle fake lashes into place. Lash extensions require even more dexterity and precision. You will gain these skills during your training and perfect them on the job. 

11. Consistency

We have mentioned how important practice is repeatedly. Practice will help keep you consistent in your work–achieving the same high-quality work with each customer. You can’t just do a couple of clients a day, however. You need to hone your skills while taking multiple clients throughout your day. This skill takes time to gain, so don’t get discouraged. Just keep working at it. 

12. Upskilling

If you are serving clients consistently for several years and staying up-to-date on the latest skills and techniques, you will put yourself in line to be a top lash artist. Keep your practices updated; attend conferences, beauty expos, and lash shows. Do this every year to stay on top of the latest information in the industry so you never fall behind and continue to grow your client base. 

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