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Lash Wars

In June 2015, Lashia was one of the main sponsors of Lash Wars in Las Vegas. Mimmi Ebberstenwas invited as an official judge.

When Lashia Ventured to Lash Vegas in 2015


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Perfect gift for Valentine

The sun is setting in the Nevada desert and cast its last rays on the high-rise buildings towering in the far distance. The sun’s absence is barely noticeable in a city that never sleeps, each hotel and casino compete to give their visitors the most amazing light show. The sound of slot machines together with throbbing disco music is deafening. People gather to watch the Bellagio fountain show. The dry heat is unbearable, whipping your eyes like a hair blower. This is Las Vegas for you.

But not everyone is coming to Vegas to spend their last savings in the casinos money-guzzling black hole. At the Las Vegas convention center there is something else going on. I am there to attend the yearly IBS Beauty show, but even better, to watch talented women compete in Lash Wars – the biggest competition in Eyelash Extensions in the world. Lashia is invited as platinum sponsors in the event that is hosted by NEESA – National Eyelash Education and Safety Association. I am also honored to be one of the judges in the fantasy competition. The theme is Mardi Gras!

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Perfect gift for Valentine

"To judge an eyelash competition for the first time was a bit scary. Then add on top of that, you are doing it at the world's largest Eyelash Extension competitions, located in Las Vegas, USA!

Jetlagged and with not much sleep, and with my sister Jessica and husband Jeff by my side, we were thrown in the deep end. And then it was like I had found home!
For 9 years we had been lashing away in our little Lashia bubble back in Sweden, and here they wanted to know EVERYTHING about me. They were blown away by my ability to lash with both hands, and there was so much talent in one room!
The founder of NEESA, Amber Arrington, Tia Lutrell, Emily Lee, and many more, welcomed us like we were kings and queens. I was so misplaced, but over the course of the competition, I met a lot of new lash friends, that I would later discover was part of forming the Eyelash Extension Industry.

Lash Wars in Las Vegas was an incredible experience, and it will forever sit in my memories as one of the turning points of the Eyelash Industry."

Mimmi Ebbersten
Lashia Sweden
Lashia Australia

Memories from Lash Wars in Las Vegas, 2015