Eyelash Extensions Fundamentals by Lashia


Eyelash Extensions Fundamentals by Lashia

This course is an introductory course to Eyelash Extensions by Lashia. We will give you the fundamentals of Classic Eyelash Extension application, product knowledge, safety, hygiene, and how to design an eye.

Already from day 1, we want you to think "Business" and have a plan on how to start up following your course training. This course is the pre-requisite to "Applying Eyelash Extensions safely on a person", and it is strongly recommended to attend an in-person course with a trainer prior to applying Eyelash Extensions safely on a person. 

Who can do this course?

1. Introduction to Eyelash Extensions

"I am curious to become a Lash Artist but not sure if I am ready to attend a full Eyelash Extension course."

The introduction to Eyelash Extensions by Lashia will help you decide if Eyelash Extensions is a profession for you, and if you wish to go ahead to complete a full Lashia Training Program for Eyelash Extensions and Lash Biz Startup. 

Please note, if you have had no previous practical training with an instructor, this course will teach you the fundamentals, but you will still need to attend individual coaching or an in-person-course to safely apply Eyelash Extensions on a person.

2. Upskill & Additional Training in Eyelash Extensions

"I have completed an Eyelash Extension course that didn't give me all the fundamentals needed in order to feel comfortable applying Eyelash Extensions on a person."

If you attended a short course in Eyelash Extension application and want to learn more about the fundamentals, safety, eye conditions, allergic reactions, eyelash styling, adhesives, isolation and more, then this is a perfect complement to your practical training.

Please note, in order to apply lashes safely on a person, you need additional practical coaching with a professional eyelash extension educator, who can guide and help you in areas you might not see yourself.

What you need to complete this course:

  • Lash Doll Doris
  • Lashia Classic HD Eyelash Extensions 0,15mm - sizes 8,9,10,11,12C (mixed-sized trays available)
  • Lashia Classic HD Eyelash Extensions 0,15mm - sizes 7,8,9,10,11,12B (mixed-sized trays available)
  • Lashia Crystal Glue
  • Glue sticker (to put glue on)
  • 1x pair Practice lashes
  • 1x surgical tape
  • 1x pair Straight tweezers 
  • 1x pair Curved tweezers (alternatively, Mimmi uses two of the "Mimmi" tweezers in the video)
  • Printed Lash Map and a pen

Recommended but not required:

  • Good led light - Mimmi uses Glamcor, which you can find at 
  • Lash bed (massage bed with steel frame)
  • Stool
  • Lash pillow

Eyelash Extension Fundamentals Course Curriculum:

The Eyelash Extension Fundamentals Training by Lashia is an extensive Eyelash Extension online course divided into 2 elements to make your learning systematic and challenge you on an even level, to gradually improve your Eyelash Extension Application skills:

  1. Eyelash Extensions Theoretical Elements.
    The Eyelash Extensions Theoretical Elements includes 5 chapters, teaching you product knowledge, how to prepare your lashing space, eye anatomy and eye conditions, eyelash styling and design, and safety & hygiene.

  2.  Eyelash Extensions Practical Elements.
    The Eyelash Extensions Practical Elements include 3 practical lessons, where you complete 5 sets of lashes on Lash Doll Doris. You learn isolation techniques, application, infills, and how to apply lashes onto difficult lashes such as crooked and very short lashes. You also learn how to fill gaps and troubleshoot.

1. Eyelash Extensions Theoretical Elements

Chapter 1: Eyelash Extension Product knowledge

To become a Lash Pro you'll need to know your products by heart. Lash materials, adhesives, tweezers, and more, after this chapter you will know exactly the how behind our products.

Chapter 2: Preparing your Lashing Space

In this chapter we show you the essentials to setting up your Lashing Space properly for Eyelash Extensions. 

Chapter 3: Eye anatomy and eye conditions

No lash course is complete without actually talking about what is our topic of expertise: the eye itself.
We talk about the lash growth cycle, and how to apply lashes onto various stages of lash growth.
We discuss eye conditions and when it isn't safe to apply eyelash extensions. We speak about allergies and other reactions that may occur. These things are fundamental to know before applying eyelash extensions onto a person.

Chapter 4: Lashia Eyelash Design ABC

The secret behind why Lashia Eyelash Extensions are so naturally looking sits in our Eyelash Design.
We teach you how to customize an Eyelash Extension set, and 3 different ways to enhance the eye naturally.

2. Eyelash Extension Training Practical Elements

Lash Doll Practical Lesson 1

Meet Lash Doll Doris and familiarise yourself with our products and tweezers for eyelash extension training.

This extensive part of the course will teach you a basic lash map, how we set up our lash tile, how to hold your tweezers safely and comfortably, and most importantly, application techniques, how to isolate a lash, and how to apply the correct amount of lash adhesive onto the eyelash.

Lash Doll Practical Lesson 2

In Lash Doll Practical Lesson 2, we finetune our tweezer and glue skills. We teach you how to do the infill, peeling and taking off lashes, and how to apply lashes onto crooked lashes or how to fill gaps.

Lash Doll Practical Lesson 3

In the third stage of the course, you will complete 3 submissions on designs to your trainer and a quiz. 

Upon completion, you will receive a digital certificate showing that you have completed the theoretical fundamentals of Lashia Eyelash Extensions and can move on to the next stage: Practical Coaching/training with a mentor to apply Eyelash Extensions on real people.

Your options after completion of this course:

  • Alternative 1:
    1. Complete the full Lashia Online Accelerator Course.
    2. Book 1:1 in-person coaching with a Lashia Mentor.
    3. Pass the Lashia Practical Exam.
    Recommended: A minimum of 3 x 3h sessions.

  • Alternative 2: 
    1. Attend an in-person course with a Lashia Educator.
    2. Pass the Lashia Practical Exam.

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