Mimmi Ebbersten Lash Judge at Lash Wars Las Vegas

We are proud to announce that founder of Lashia, Mimmi Ebbersten is going to be one of the judges in this year’s Lash Wars Las Vegas.

I’m Mimmi Ebbersten from Lashia in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m excited to be judging Lash Wars in Las Vegas! With 9 years of experience in Eyelash Design and after training hundreds of excellent Lashia Designers worldwide, I know what I’m looking for in an eyelash extension.

When we started eyelash extensions in 2006 there wasn’t much competence on the market. We created the unique “Lashia Method” of Eyelash Design, which has now become a term clients are looking for on the market. Only a handful experienced Lashia Professionals have been selected to teach the Lashia technique and we do so from our Lashia centers in Stockholm, Gothenburg (Sweden), Fredrikstad (Norway) and Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast (Australia). Apart from creating amazing eyelashes, we believe in Teamwork and great Customer Service and we work hard to make our Lashia Designers succeed in this fantastic art.

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