Lashes or Coffee? How to save $150/month & afford Eyelash Extensions

Kids are back at school, holiday is over, bank account is looking sparse. With increasing living expenses we are starting to evaluate where to spend our money more wisely.

"Affordable Eyelash Extensions" might not mean Quality Eyelash Extensions, and they can end up costing you more than you expected due to poor application, irritation from glue clumps and cheap products. Your lash extensions are not where you should compromise to save a few bucks.

All the little things add up, so when we think about spending $100-150/month on lash extensions sounding like a lot of money, have a look at what else you are spending money on? A chocolate bar at the check-out a few times a month, a couple glasses of wine to wind down after work, and let's talk about a big spender - takeaway coffee!

5 saving tips to help pay for your lashes

We have made a list of 5 things that will help you save $100-150 extra per month to spend on your lashes instead:

1. Switch to home brew from take-away coffe and save $150-300/month

Say you get a coffee on your way to work every morning, and one for the Saturday/Sunday morning walk. $5 per day on coffee equals - yes - $150 per month! And if you have 2-3 takeaway coffee's daily, that means you are spending $300-450 monthly on coffee alone!

2. Unused subscriptions and memberships

That $40 weekly gym membership you never use? The $50/month you spend on Streaming platforms you never use, the free app trials that ran out 6 months ago that you never used? I bet you they all add upp to the value of a monthy set of lash extensions.

3. Snacks, takeouts and alcohol

Let's cut it straight, it wasn't your lash extensions that emptied your wallet over the holidays? It was the increased moments of endulgence that made your spending run a little overboard. A couple extra vinos throughout the week, some extra snacks and icecreams for the kids (and yourself?), and eating out a little bit more often than usual. You can easily cut back today, slim down - and afford a set of eyelash extensions. The savings under this category can easily add up to a couple hundred dollars.

4. Fuel and travel expenses

Holidays are expensive. Accommodation, airfares, or even petrol. Even if we don't go anywhere on holidays, we tend to get out and about more, which means increased fuel costs. Kids are back to school - maybe they are old enough to take themselves to school? Walking or riding, it's what we did as kids right? It will teach them independence, save you time and petrol - AND help you afford your lash extensions. Here you are saving hundreds after the holidays.

5. Utilities and household expenses

And say you didn't travel, but sat in aircon all day, well now when nobody is home during the week and you have less laundry due to school being back, you will definitely save dollars on electricity, food, and sanity! Look over your overheads and utility providers and see where you can make adjustments to make a saving to afford your lash extensions.

How can I afford Quality Eyelash Extensions today?

To summarize, if we take a moment and oversee budgets and spending, we can easily save hundreds by just making small adjustments. Even reducing some of the things above, we can save $100-150 to pay for our eyelash extensions.

Where can I find a place that does affordable quality eyelash extensions?

At Lashia in Varsity Lakes, we create naturally looking eyelash extensions that look and feel like they can be your real lashes. We have specialised in Eyelash Extensions for 15 years and are highly skilled in designing a variety of styles on your eyes. We can create a natural or more dramatic effect, and we guarantee long lasting eyelash extensions that are safely applied and naturally looking, lasting a good 3-4 weeks before needing an infill.

Book in at Lashia in Varsity Lakes today, we offer naturally looking eyelash extensions from $90.

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