Why you should teach your clients to wash their lashes?

Lash retention is our bread and butter

These days, we talk a lot about lash health, and clients are more than ever particular about the retention of their lashes: if they don't get a minimum of 4 weeks out of a set they will go elsewhere. Often they blame the lash tech if their lashes are falling out, and you as the lash artist will beat yourself blue over that text from a client who has lost her lashes quickly. You might blame the glue, or even worse, you take personal responsibility in her rapid lash loss, and feel shame and guilt as an expense.

Why is my client losing her lashes so quickly?

When a client loses lashes quickly, it is not always about the glue or the technique. Especially if you have a whole bunch of other clients with great retention, and this one particular client is always losing her lashes quicker than she changes her underwear.

Oftentimes, it is actually the client's own "fault" she is losing lashes quickly, she might be extra careful around her eyes, avoiding to wash this area altogether in hopes of her extensions lasting longer. Other times, she might actually follow advise and wash her lashes, but with the wrong products. All this can be prevented by simple means.

Educate your clients and keep them happy

Keep it in your routine to educate your clients around lash health and lash retention. This can easily be done while you have her on your table: while washing her lashes with Lashia Lash Shampoo prior to application, explain what product you are using, and that they are in fact available for purchase after the appointment.

Educate your clients and they will increase their retention and you will have a forever happy client:

Washing your lashes will increase lash retention

Many clients think that water may be bad for their lashes. Our meibum glands sit just underneath our lash follicles, and they excrete meibum oil to keep our eyes moist and prevent them from drying out. We all know oil is bad for lash extensions, and if unlucky, dirty/oily lashes will cause your extension to falling out prematurely. Washing them daily will keep the extensions happy.

Not washing your lashes attracts Lash Mites and bacteria

When we don't wash our lashes, meibum oil, dead skin cells and dirt will collect at the base of our lashes, and may even attract parasites such as Demodex Folliculurum, causing blepharitis and hair loss. You can develop other conditions and inflammations, such as fungus, conjunctivitis and styes.

Demodex Folliculorum

Sell a Lash Shampoo to every client and increase sales by 20%

Clients will do as they are told, so by you imprinting no other option than the need for the lash wash, and remind them again at checkout to purchase the Lash Shampoo, you will also increase your income by 20%.

Using an oil-free foam wash formulated for Eyelash Extensions

Lashia's Eyelash Extension Lash Shampoo is a foam cleanser formulated for Eyelash Extensions. Its mild formula keeps your client's lashes clean and healthy, and gives you maximum lash retention. The cleanser is available for retail at as little as $11 if purchased in bulk. Recommended price for customers is $25-29.

Don't be afraid to upsell - you are the expert

So why would you not recommend your clients to wash their lashes? It is your responsibility as their trusted lash tech to educate and show them how to look after their lashes, just like a hairdresser recommends which products to use for your hair. Selling your clients products for their upkeep is just as natural as a dentist telling you to brush your teeth. You will be trusted, respected and praised, and you will increase your regular client base by as much as 100%.

Check out the Lashia Lash Shampoo today, I can guarantee that your clients will praise you for your recommendation!

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Lash on and cleanse your lashes!

xx Mimmi Ebbersten
Director/owner Lashia Australia


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