5 things that will make you the master of your Lash Adhesive

Lash Artists in Australia are struggling with glue retention on their lash extension sets, simply because they haven't mastered the right conditions for the adhesive they are using in the room they are lashing from. Things get extra tricky if they are located in tropical zones or near the ocean where humidity fluctuates dramatically, especially in the summer months.

Are you one of these Lash technicians that have tried every lash adhesive on the market, but swears you have been cursed by the glue devil? You might think you've just figured your adhesive and conditions out, and all of a sudden the lashes won't stick, or your clients are contacting you with lashes falling out a week post service?

Don't worry, we have been in the glue game for many years, and I promise you that there isn't a little lash devil making things difficult for you.

5 things that will make you the master of your lash adhesive

What if I told you that there isn't a one fits all when it comes to eyelash extension adhesives? But there are things that will make things much easier for you, that will give you better retention and happier, returning clients for years to come.

Below I have listed 5 things that will help your glue game, that will help you choose the right adhesive for your conditions, and what to look for before starting your lash day in the morning:

1. Check your humidity levels

All lash adhesives are based on Cyanoacrylate or Polyacrylate. This ingredient is the bonding ingredient in all lash glues, and cures when it comes in contact with water. Therefore, if your humidity is high (+50%), you need an adhesive with less % Cyanoacrylate, and if your humidity is low (-50%), you need an adhesive with higher % Cyanoacrylate.

2. Check the temperature for your lash glue

A lot of Lash Artists are simply just looking at their humidity levels to determine which lash adhesive to use. The issue here is, that your glue starts acting funny in different temperatures as well. If cold (below 22C degrees), your adhesive thickens and slows the curing process, and if hot (above 24C degrees), your adhesive becomes thinner and will cure faster. So investing in a hygrometer which measures humidity and temperature will help you decide which adhesive to use on the day.

3. Store your lash adhesive correctly

Adhesives for Eyelash Extensions are extremely sensitive and can go off very quickly if not stored correctly. To get the most out of your adhesive, storing it in a a dark and cool place, and keeping it in an airtight container or ziplock bag, with uncooked rice, or the little silica gel packets that come with the Lashia and Beautier adhesives. We have seen some Lash Artists storing their adhesives in a small food thermos in the fridge, this is perfectly fine, as long as no moisture gets into the bottle, and that the bottle is brought back to room temperature before opening, as it can create condensation inside the bottle if opened while still cold.

4. Keep a fresh lash adhesive at all times

Don't buy lash adhesives in bulk if you are not sure you will use it within the next few weeks. Lash Adhesives should be purchased monthly, set a reminder for example, the last Tuesday of every month, and don't worry if you haven't used the last bit of glue out of a bottle. You want to make sure you always keep fresh adhesive for your clients and don't wait until you are starting to get retention issues.

5. Have 2 different lash adhesives available

If your conditions seem to fluctuate a lot in your room, and you struggle to manage it with aircon, heater or dehumidifiers, then it's a good idea to always keeping two adhesives nearby for that day when you get a big afternoon thunderstorm, or a 3 week drought, or going in to winter the temperature might drop from morning to afternoon. Invest in a low humidity and a high humidity glue.

So which adhesive should I use for my conditions?

At Lashia, we have 15 years experience in working with lash adhesives. We have extensive knowledge when it comes to Cyanoacrylate based glues, and how they work in various conditions. In Australia, we stock 4 lash adhesives, and I am certain you will find your favorite lash adhesive. They all have great retention if used in the right conditions and if stored correctly.

Lashia's adhesives for Eyelash Extensions:

Lashia Crystal Glue - drying time: 1-2 sec

Lashia Crystal Glue is our Roll's Royce, it has been in the game for a while and is many Lash Artists "go to" adhesive. Works amazingly well in conditions between 45-55% but experienced Lash techs use it as low as 30% and as high as 65%, only you will need to work slower or faster if that is the case.

Lashia Advanced Glue - drying time: 2-4 sec

Lashia Advanced Glue is a great beginner's adhesive. It is slower curing in a medium humidity, but will work great in a higher humidity and act like a 1-2 second glue as high as 65%. In low humidity it can be a little slow curing, but for a person new to lashes, especially hand made Russian volume, you'll have more time to adhere the extension/fan to the lash.

Beautier Volume X - drying time: 1-2 sec

Beautier's Volume X is extremely popular, has a drying time of 1-2 sec, and has been used in many competitions worldwide. This adhesive is to die for, and has similar characteristics to Lashia Crystal Glue. This adhesive can be used for both Classic and Volume lashes.

Beautier Classic X - drying time: 1-3 sec in high humidity

Beautier Classic X is a great adhesive for high humidity. It's easy to work with and clients report amazing retention for up to 6 weeks.

So what are you waiting for, check out our lash adhesives today, and set your reminder the last Tuesday of each month to purchase a fresh adhesive from Lashia.

Check out the Lashia Adhesives for Eyelash Extensions


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