What you need to know about growing your lash business

So, you’ve decided to become a professional lash artist. Congratulations! This industry is the perfect blend of design and science to help women enjoy longer, lusher lashes. Of course, there’s much more to lash art than creating beautiful looks. It can be a lucrative business. Here are our top tips for success.

The Basics of a Lash Business

Businesses may sell products, services, or both. As a lash artist, you are selling both the lash extensions and your expertise as a lash technician. You’re also providing a safe environment with access to quality equipment. When you start thinking of the value you provide your clients, it’s much easier to get into a business mindset.

If a business is not profitable, it’s not sustainable. When setting your rates, aim to cover the cost of both materials and time, then add a profit margin. If you just break even, you’re basically working for free! Don’t forget to value yourself accordingly. Charge your clients a price that generates a profit for you, and avoid the temptation to lower your rates just to nab clients — you’ll never be able to compete with more established lash businesses.

How to Attract Clients

You may be the best lash artist in the world, but if people don’t know who you are, your business won’t last long. Marketing is critical to your lash business’s growth. This includes every effort you make to reach your target audience, such as posting on social media, putting up your website, and running ads.

These days, there is no shortage of lash businesses. You’re facing a lot of competition, which is why it’s crucial to clearly identify your ideal customers. What do they care about? What type of lash experience do they seek? What are their preferences for products, design, etc.? Ask yourself these questions before you do anything else.

Next, evaluate your unique combination of talents and values. Are you highly skilled at opening up droopy or small eyes? Do you specialise in custom lash designs? Can you provide a luxurious experience? See where these characteristics align with your target audience’s interests. That’s the sweet spot where you can market your business. 

Develop your Personal Brand

For most clients, getting their lashes done is self-care. They want to indulge, relax, and, most of all, feel safe and taken care of. That means that cultivating trust among your clients is one of the best ways to grow your business. There are a lot of horror stories about bad lash salons, so if you are just starting out, people may be sceptical of your business.

Show people that you know what you’re doing and that they can trust you. Create high-quality content to post on your social media and let your followers get to know you. Authenticity always works better than generic sales talk! 

Invest in Your Business

No matter what your lash brand is all about, you will need to spend some money to make money. Skimping on eyelash extensions and supplies means you’ll be offering your clients low-quality work. Don’t they — and your talent — deserve better? People are willing to splurge on their lashes, so don’t be afraid to get premium supplies and equipment. Then, you can charge enough to cover your costs and still make a profit. 

Be sure you also invest in good photography. Blurry, dark photos of your lash work won’t get your clients excited. Many lash artists invest in a real camera (or a separate lens for their phone) as well as a ring light to make their photos really pop. Remember, professional-looking photos will ALWAYS grab more attention than dim, grainy selfies! That said, don’t hesitate to ask your clients if you can show off their post-lash selfies if they are well lit and frame your work in a positive way!

Set Your Business Goals

You could take each day as it comes, booking clients randomly, or you could strategise your business and grow it! As a rule of thumb, the less you plan your business, the more time and money you’ll stand to lose. You need a steady flow of clients and a way to expand your business over time. 

To achieve this, set goals for your business. Decide how much you want to earn per month, how many clients you want/need to book, and where you want to connect with potential customers. A strong business/marketing plan keeps you from spreading yourself too thin or struggling to keep business coming in. As a bonus, goal-setting helps you stay motivated and passionate — and that, too, attracts clients to your positive energy!

Wrapping Up

Ready to level up your lash art to a thriving business? You need to tap into your value and turn your talents into a marketable service. Take the time to develop and refine the business aspects of your lash services. You’ll be able to connect with your ideal customers and get them excited about your brand. Above all else, remember that a business is hard work — but if you show up with passion every day, it won’t feel that way!

If you’re new to lash art or looking to grow your skills and take your business to the next level, reach out to Lashia Eyelash Design for our Mentored Eyelash Extension Training. We train aspiring lash artists in small groups with one-on-one support and a practical exam. We also offer a virtual course that includes 3 in-person sessions and our practical exam. If you’re already in business, you can count on Lashia as your source of premium products for lash design. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you build a successful lash business! 

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