Times are changing, are you ready? How to take control of your life.

I have been a motivational speaker and business mentor for a few years now, and something I have noticed is how today´s generation is struggling to find their fit in the work place.
It wasn´t until I listened to my mentor Ray Gordon I realized what is actually happening out there in the work force.
Since the late 90s we are in something called an Epoch. We are entering into a new era by scientists called “The Liquid Modern times”.
Information is much easier accessed due to technology, which creates uncertainty and questions of authority.
A man called Zygmunt Bauman, who was a Polish sociologist, predicted these Liquid Modern times. He believed that by questioning our own society and stand outside the norm, we become more free.
We used to obey by laws and rules within the society and in the workplace. Now we want to be free and be our own selves. We question Authority and don´t accept being spoken down to or being told what to do.
 ‘An autonomous society, a truly democratic society, is a society which questions everything that is pre-given and by the same token liberates the creation of new meanings. In such a society, all individuals are free to create for their lives the meanings they will (and can).’ Zygmunt said.

Read more about his views here.

For a Gen Z person, born into the new era, there might be mixed messages.
Parents and others are telling you to get a degree and a job.
Yet, you feel like you rather take the world in your own hands. Why being told what to do when you can be your own boss?

Research actually shows that by 2025 most people will be self employed.
Businesses don´t offer permanent positions and outsource more and more of their services to self employed experts.

So what should you do? Take control of your life and start your own venture today.

At Lashia we believe in the self and in the individual.
We can help you create that future you are longing for, where you are 100% independent and no one can tell you what to do.

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xx Mimmi Ebbersten
Lashia Co-founder and Mentor

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