Where are you from? How long have your been Lashing?

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, where I started Lashia with my mum Ebba Ebbersten, in 2006. At that point, we were one of very few places you could get lash extensions in Stockholm and we grew extremely quickly. We started out of my old bedroom, and within 2 years we were working out of 3 rooms in the house. Our mission has always been safely applied and naturally styled lash extensions, customized to the customer’s eye shape and face features. In 2010, we were the first company to launch a 4 day program, and the only company offering unlimited in-person support, and to receive your certificate you had to sit a practical exam. By 2012 we made 7-figures (in $) and 2014 we operated 5 schools in Sweden and 1 in Norway.
2015, hubby Jeff (he is Australian) and I decided it was time to move back to Australia witht the kids, and 2016 we made the big move and started up Lashia Australia. This is where we are today.

What made you develop an interest for our industry?

I am a very emphathic and helping person by nature, I am a problem solver and love to come up with new ideas. My mum always taught us to look outside the box and question everything we don’t align with. We simply don’t do things the way it’s supposed to be done.
My passion for the industry started in 2008 when I traveled to Thailand and Australia for a holiday. I had been so caught up in my own Lashia bubble, that on this 3 month trip I saw so many horrible sets of eyelash extensions, and that not many people knew about safety and styling. That was when I decided to start my Swedish blog
I felt like I needed to save the whole world of Eyelashes.
In 2014, when Russian Volume came to the world, everyone’s bubbles started to crumble, and the interest to connect the industry arose. I did my first lash trip to Nadia Afanseva in New York, which was the start of business traveling. The world was at our feet! My first judging experience was in Las Vegas and Lash Wars in 2015.
I feel extreme passion for this industry, and the love and togetherness we have, worldwide.

What do you love most about being a lash artist?

I still love lashing, and designing various shapes for different purposes. I love layering classic lashes, and I love a nice, short and soft set of Russian Volume. The biggest reason I love lashing is the connection with clients, and seeing my regulars, having weird conversations and solving their life problems. 

What advice do you have for people thinking about becoming lash artists?

Do your research, find a mentor that aligns with you, make sure you get adequate training. You can’t learn Eyelash Extensions quickly, so set your long- and short term goals, and commit to practice. A comprehensive course should be lengthy (minimum 3 days plus in-person support), and the qualification process should be through a practical exam or other in-depth assessments. It’s not just about receiving a certificate, it’s about earning that certificate through skill, and that takes time to build. Lastly, if you don’t have a salon to go in to, building your business skills is also advisable, as running a small business is an art in itself.

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