Things to Consider When Starting Your Eyelash Business

With relatively low startup costs and potential for high, recurring income, becoming a lash artist can be an incredible undertaking. Like many other jobs in the beauty niche, an eyelash artist's role allows for great flexibility with scheduling, costs, location, and other factors of the job. But before you jump in, you should think things through and plan carefully. Here is what you should consider before becoming a lash technician.

Lash Extension Training

You don't need a college degree to become an eyelash artist, but you need to learn eyelash extensions through lash extension courses if you want to operate legitimately. Proper eyelash training will give you a direct education from experienced pros and the chance to earn hands-on experience. When you complete eyelash extension training, you'll be fully certified to work in the field.

Lashia offers eyelash extension classes with both in-person and online training in New South Wales and Queensland, with flexible scheduling to get you certified.

How You Want to Start

When working out of your home, you are in total control. You can arrange your space however you like, charge what you want, and work your own hours. However, you are responsible for everything, from billing, appointment setting and ordering supplies.

When you first start working as a lash technician, you likely won't have the money to start your salon. Instead, you can get a chair at an established salon or work out of your home. In either scenario, you'll be responsible for your equipment, like natural eyelash extensions and glue. However, they do have some key differences.

If you choose to work in someone else's salon, you won't have many of those responsibilities. However, you have less control over hours of operation, what you charge, and the environment you work in.

Regardless, the most important thing for you should be gaining more experience, especially if your goal is to open your salon. Think of what responsibilities you're ready to handle yourself and choose accordingly.

What Should You Charge?

When you control what to charge customers, you may be overwhelmed by the weight of your decision. The eyelash business is fairly competitive, and customers shop around to find a price that fits them. However, there isn't a "one size fits all" that will appeal to a broad range of customers while giving you a sustainable income.

wing you to make a living. You may think that you'll attract more business if you charge low prices and do more jobs. However, there's only so low you can go before customers question the quality of your work or materials before they get suspicious.

The same applies to charging high prices. You'll lose people who simply can't afford it, but if you can't justify to potential customers why you charge so much, they'll assume it's not worth it and go elsewhere.

Prices are a delicate balancing act of what you need to stay in operation and what your customers consider reasonable. Rather than guess, you can get a feel for local prices and use that as a guide to setting your own. All in all, quality lashes are a luxury service and should be charged according to experience, training, and overhead - meaning a likely minimum of $80 an hour and a maximum of around $150.

How Will Customers Find You?

If you have a chair in a salon, the established customer base will know you're there. But it doesn't hurt to reach beyond that, especially if you have dreams of establishing your own business someday. Applying eyelash extensions is a social business. Customers want to find someone who is warm and friendly and will give them repeat business.

social media profiles explicitly for your work. You can provide all the contact info, prices, and photos of your work to encourage people to try your services out. It's also a great way to network in your area.

 If your business is fully independent, a website is also a worthwhile investment as another avenue to display your professionalism and attract customers.

What Products Should I Use?

Sourcing products is one of the most difficult problems of any business, beauty or otherwise. There are lots of suppliers vying for your money, but not all of them care about quality.

Your eyelash extensions course will emphasize the potential safety issues involved with the job (after all, you are working very close to someone's eyes). Proper application technique is important, but knowing what's in the products you use could make the difference between a satisfied customer and a harmed customer.

I'd always use high-quality products, but only if you know exactly what's in them. You should also be aware of where the products originate from, as not all countries have the same health and safety standards for manufacturing. If you don't know the materials used or what effects they could have, you're potentially risking someone else's health as well as your business.

Learn from Lashia

Lash artists around the world make six-figures doing what they’re excellent at and passionate about. But this, of course, isn’t the standard: These professionals work hard, continuously staying on top of the latest trends and technologies, refining techniques and learning new ones, and, most importantly, creating meaningful connections with the people they beautify.

Like any creator, lash artists get what they put into honing their craft. While certain expenses and earnings are fixed, the steadiness and rise of your income will be entirely dependent on the quality and innovativeness of your work and how well you’ve trained. This is why so many lash artists first invest in a good education and training experience.

Since 2006, Lashia Eyelash Design has focused exclusively on performing lash work and, since 2010, training lash artists of every level with one-on-one mentorship, customised eyelash extension courses, and hands-on experience with the latest and greatest techniques, so you’re equipped you with everything we know and practice on a daily basis. We boast a global presence, beginning first in Stockholm, Sweden, and now serving the Gold Coast of Australia.

If you’re ready to receive your training certification and become a skilled, responsible, and profitable business owner in a limitless field, contact Lashia Eyelash Design. Let’s see how far your career can take you!

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