Marketing Tips for Your Lash Studio

You’ve done it! You have opened your lash studio and are ready for business. But there is one thing you need now more than anything: customers. 

Customers can’t come to your studio if they don’t know about it. Therefore, one of your number one tasks is going to be marketing.

Marketing can be an intimidating concept. It can make or break your reputation. Like any business, there are good and bad ways to advertise. Many of these factors may be unique to the kind of business you’re in. 

Here are a few tips to get you going.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the process of advertising your services to get customers to use your services. You educate potential clients on your products and services, and why they should choose you over competitors. Marketing has evolved over the years, constantly changing strategy, tools, and other factors.

Some businesses make mistakes by being too aggressive with their products, making potential customers feel intimidated, or giving the wrong message. You just need to remember that the purpose of marketing is to inform customers about you and what you do. In the end, they make their own decisions about whether or not they’re going to use your services.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing tactics are often left out of marketing plans, which makes them all the more valuable. Many businesses don’t like them. But they are still around because they work. Here are some of these tactics.

Client Referral Programs

Referral programs create one of the best tactics: word-of-mouth. Your clients get to share their experiences at your salon and use it to attract more clients. Offer an incentive, such as 15 percent off their next purchase, when a new client uses their name. This strategy will generate a whole network of new and recurring clients.


Another traditional tactic is the strategy of building partnerships with other local businesses. Cross-promoting services can impact your business in a very large way. You can offer discounts or exchange services. Most of all, you can refer clients to each other. You can create a large pool of new clients this way.

Direct Mailing Campaign

As outdated as it may seem, this tactic literally puts information into your potential clients’ hands. Digital marketing has mostly replaced this tactic, but people can scroll away from your ad online. They can’t scroll away from their mail. The tactile nature of mail still makes a difference in today’s market and is often overlooked as a thing of the past when it is anything but.

Modern Marketing with Online Promotion

Internet promotion techniques are more modern. The thing about the internet that makes it so useful is it’s wide demographic. Everyone can access it, no matter where they are.

Google My Business Accounts

Creating a Google My Business Account will ensure your business shows up on Google Maps. This is huge because people can search for your business and its location from their computer or smartphone. In a world where most internet traffic is done with search, this is extremely valuable.

Social Media

Almost everyone has a social media account these days. It’s important to have a business account. You can place flyers and demo videos online to help promote your business. Before and After images are also valuable, because it gives potential clients a visual of the differences your service makes.

Online Contests

People love winning free stuff. Hosting raffles and give-away contests work exceptionally well for getting your content shared and your name on people’s lips. This strategy not online gives people prizes, but it helps them learn about your business and gain their interest.

Other Unique Tools

Create your own unique ways of marketing. This strategy may sound difficult, but if you can establish your own unique strategies, it can help you stand out among your peers. Some ideas include hosting unique events or parties at your salon, or creating a viral challenge or themed set of short videos to promote your services and bring entertainment or joy to all who watch.

You can also volunteer or find ways to donate your services. This strategy is good for public relations. It helps establish a positive image for your company. This factor will boost your clientele.

While there are endless ideas to market your business, always remember that the goal is to educate new clients about your business and leave the decision to them.

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