Are you wanting to be an Eyelash Extension Expert?

Mimmi Ebbersten is the founder of Lashia Australia, where she teaches her students to start their own Lash Business, and how to become the best Lash Artist in their area.

Since launching their world-renowned curriculum in 2010 and after running a successful lash salon in Sweden since 2006, Mimmi and her team has trained over 1500 students how to make a living doing Eyelash Extensions. Many of their students are now successful business owners with their own salons and staff.

Lashia offers group classes, online training, and individualised mentored 1:1 coaching. All their training includes ongoing support, and a network of Lash Artists to support one another.

In addition to being a Lash Guru for the past 15 years, Mimmi is a traveling Lash Extension Judge and Speaker at international Lash Conferences, a business coach and product developer.

Lashia's Eyelash Extension Training


Foundation Training

Lashia's signature Mastery Fundamentals course teaches you everything to get your Lash Biz off the ground. Includes Classic and Pre-made Volume application.


Online Training

Only for the individual learner.
The Lashia Online Mastery Fundamentals course has everything you learn in our in-person course, only you complete all the modules remotely with support from
your mentor.


Mentored 1:1 Training

Have you completed a Lash Course elsewhere? Book individual sessions with Lashia Mentor Mimmi Ebbersten to up your skills now.

Book a phone/zoom call


Become an Expert Lash Artist

We pride ourselves on the quality work our students produce following training. To apply Eyelash Extensions isn't easy, and Russian Volume is next level artistry.
To get there you'll need a Lash Mentor that helps and guides you correctly through the process. Did you think you could learn lashes in a day? You're dreaming. ;)

Supporting our students every step of the way

We want you to become the best Lash Artist you can be. That is why we offer unlimited support to all our training programs, online or in person. Eyelash Extensions is a very technical skill, and you will need a mentor by your side that empowers you to your best potential.

Quality Eyelash Extension Training at your fingertips

This is where you will become an Expert Eyelash Designer