Tips on taping down bottom lashes for Eyelash Extensions

What do you use for your under-eye-coverings?

Let's talk Eyes and bottom lashes. Our clients are all different: Some have big, round eyes, others have small, narrow eyes. Some are protruding and others are deep-set. Some have lots of skin, others have trouble closing their eyes. Some have sensitive skin, others have sensitive eyes. Some have very long, easy bottom lashes, others are barely visible, and some people's bottom lashes grow on the inside of their eyelid!

We have all struggled with the taping-down of the bottom lashes at some point throughout our career as a Lash Artist. Therefore, there is no one-fit-all solution for the bottom lashes. At Lashia we have three great solutions for taping down the bottom lashes, and taping up the top lashes too!

Lashia Allround Tape

Lashia Allround tape - This tape is a non-stick silicon tape that great to use to stick down the bottom lashes, and to tape up the top lashes to get to the bottom layers. It is easy to pull off, and everyone seems to absolutely love this tape!


Microfoam Tape

microfoam tape for eyelash extensions

Microfoam Tape - one of our favorites to use when we have clients that are sensitive to eyepads, have lots of loose skins, or where the eyepads irritate the eye for various reasons. Cut it to size and it will fit perfectly on the eye! Is also great to use for a weight on the top lid for clients who struggle to close their eyes properly while you apply her Eyelash Extensions.

Lintfree Collagen Eye Patch (eyepad)

Eyepads is the most popular choice to taping down the bottom lashes for Eyelash Extensions. The Lintfree Collagen Eye Patch by Lashia (eye pads) are easy to apply, are thin and follows the skin's flexibility. Cut to size for small eyes, and use the Lashia Allround tape to tape down the stubborn bottom lashes that might stick up.

A standard stock items every lash artist should have on the shelf.
Buy in bulk and save $$.


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If you’re new to the Lash Industry or looking to grow your skills and take your business to the next level, reach out to Lashia Eyelash Design for our Mentored Eyelash Extension Training. We train aspiring lash artists in small groups with one-on-one support and a practical exam. We also offer a virtual course that includes 3 in-person sessions and our practical exam. If you’re already in business, you can count on Lashia as your source of premium products for lash design. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you build a successful lash business! 

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